Jewellery or Jewelry?

Posted by Christine Karall on Apr 2nd 2024

Jewellery or Jewelry?

How to spell jewelry or jewellery?
  I write content for both (Canada) and (USA) and to be honest, it's tiresome how many times a day I edit the word related to gemmed adornments!  If you're a jeweller or jeweler, you'll understand completely.  

The Canadian spelling is jewellery, that's right 2 "L's".  USA spelling is jewelry with 1 "L" and no "ery".  Sometimes I forget as I get used to spelling it one way vs. the other.  Sometimes, I feel my readers might think I've made a mistake.  It's okay, I know the difference, I just work late a lot and begin to see double.  Feel free to shoot me an email to correct any misspelling.  I just googled misspelling by the way.  For your knowledge, it's 2 "s's" 2 "l's".

Why does this matter?
Well at GoGoPak we make and sell jewellery/jewelry boxes. I just wanted share how many times a day I hit the back space button to correct a missspell.  You are correct if you noticed 3 "s's"!  See how easy it is to flub?  Flub is a word, I just googled (as I do every day as much as I correct my spelling of jewellery/jewelry!).   


  1. botch or bungle (something).
    "she glanced at her notes and flubbed her lines" 

Where is this conversation going?
Indeed it's a circuitous spelling direction but what I wanted to focus on was our new black embossed jewellery/jewelry boxes.  Available at an incredible introductory price at just $45.00 per 100 boxes.  Add luxurious hot-stamp printing to promote your brand.  These boxes are made and hot-stamped at GoGoPak USA in Lockport, NY.  They might say "jewelry" on the box.  It's not a Flub :)